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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How About a Map of Your Twitter Followers

The link is courtesy of Mr. Michael Fawcett @teachernz
The web site providing the links to generate the map is the product of About MMMeeja a company is owned and run by Andy Murdoch.

Here's how you can add a map to your site:
1. Go to this page: http://pipes.yahoo.com/mmmeeja/twitterfollowers
2. Fill in your Twitter username and password
3. When a map of your followers appears, click on Get Badge (above map on left). Choose Blogger and then your blog.
4. Go to the Layout of your blog
5. Edit the top box in the small column. It will be called twitter Followers.
6. In the script look for "password":"","username":""
7. Add your Twitter password between the "" in the password area and your Twitter username between the "" in the username area.
8. Save.
9. You may want to move the map. Try it under your Email Me box. Or try t above Blog Posts in the larger column. That's what I did. You can ckick n the + or - in the map after it has posted to see what they do. You can also move the map as I have to show New Zealand. My follower in Australia showed for a while, but no more for reasons I don't understand.

Mr. C has a smaller map. I will tweet him to see how he did that.

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