A Letter to My EDM 310 Students

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wrapping Up the Semester

Here's a last minute check list:
1. Project 1: Personal Blog
Regular, timely posts for all assigned topics, including Part 2, special Twitter report, final course review (mandatory) and sign off. Remember that all photographs on your blog must have ALT and TITLE modifiers as specified in the instructions found on the class blog. Due no later than 5pm Friday May 1 (date change by 1 day).
2. Project 2: Presentation
Created in Google Presentation, delivered to your class, and posted on your personal blog.
3. Project 3: iGoogle Page with an RSS Feed that links to the class web site, 4 separate tabs with 6 unique gadgets under each tab. I will review all iGoogle pages for a final assessment the last day of your classe.
4. Project 4: Professional Blog This is a very important part of this class. Due no later than 5pm Thursday April 30.
5. Project 5: Survey Form (my questions plus yours) and Resulting Database If you have not done your form and database you can still do it but it will be considered late.
6. Project 6: External Professional Contact and Report of these conversations due no later than Thursday April 30. If I need your evidence for this contact, I will request it no later one day before the final exam date assigned for your class and the evidence will be required to be received by me no later than 5 pm of the exam day for your class.
7. Project 7: ACCESS Lab Vist CANCELLED and TWITTER Research, Use, Practice and Reflection SUBSTITUTED. Report must be posted to your blog as specified in separate instructions. This is a 4 week effort. If you have not started it, your procrastination will be reflected in your grade for this project!
8. Project 8: RSS Feed. See Project 3 Will be reviewed by me on your last day of class.
9. Project 9: Podcast If you did not do the podcast I will need an official medical (or other acceptable excuse) AND you will have to make arrangements no later than Thursday April 16 to make up this podcast assignment.
10. Word Processing Exam NOTE CALENDAR CHANGE Word Processing exam will be given for Mon class on April 20 and for TT classes on Tue April 21. Perfect Score Required. You have had 16 weeks to practice and study for this exam! ATTENDANCE REQUIRED
11. SpreadSheet Part 1 and Data Base Exams Absolute Reference and Concatenate). Part 1 will be given for Monday class on Monday April 20 and for TT classes on Thur April 23. ATTENDANCE REQUIRED.
12. SpreadSheet Part 2 Exam (Solving for missing elkements in the Loan formula and Payout Table). will be given on Monday April 27 for Monday night class and Tuesday April 28 for TT classes. ATTENDANCE REQUIRED
13. Foliotek. Must be completed for EDM310 and reviewed by me on Monday April 27 for Monday class and on Thur April 30 for TT classes. iGoogle page will also be reviewed at that time. Separate instructions will be distributed for Foliotek. ATTENDANCE REQUIRED
Makeup Exams
If you do not make a perfect score on the Word Processing Exam, or if you want to improve your score on the spreadsheet or database exams, you may retake them on the final exam date scheduled for your class, or, with my permission in advance, at the time of another scheduled class final exam.

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