A Letter to My EDM 310 Students

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are You Doing Your Blogs On Time?

As I explained in class, in the past I have not been as insistent that students not get behind in their blog posts as I am being this semester. You are adults and it should not be necessary for me to be so pushy, but it seems that some students need to be told to "run some extra laps." So how am I doing in my new approach? Here are the statistics at the end of the time for the International and Domestic blog posts:
Number of Students With Incomplete or Missing Posts
Every post is missing or incomplete - 1 student in TT9
Missing post on ALEX - 1 student in M6
Missing post on ACCESS - 1 student in M6 and 2 students in T9 TOTAL 3
Missing post on Shift Happens - 1 in M6 (actually had a post but it appears to me that the student never watched the video), 2 students in TT9 and 1 student in TT 11 TOTAL 4
Missing 1 or more 2 posts on Domestic School Blogs - 1 in M6, 3 in TT 9, 4 in TT 11 and 1 in TT 2 TOTAL 9
Missing 1 or more International Blog posts - 3 in M6, 7 in TT 9, 4 in TT 11 and 2 in TT 2 TOTAL 16 If you had trouble in finding international classrooms using blogs, see the suggestions in a previous post on this blog.

In addition, 2 blogs have far too many spelling and grammatical errors.

Conclusions: TT 2 is doing better that the other classes but TT 11 is not far behind. Keep up with your posts! Check the spelling (easy to do). Correct your grammar. The whole world is watching!

And congratulations to many of you with excellent blog posts and to those of you who are ahead in your posts. Read what your fellow students are saying. Are you doing as well (or better) than they are?

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