A Letter to My EDM 310 Students

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Small World!

Mr. Wm Chamberlain of Noel, MO posted this comment to a post (only a picture) that I am about to remove from the blog.

"I found your class by backtracking a comment by Jessica White, a student in your class. I want to brag to you about her because she wrote me such a nice comment.

Please encourage your students to visit other teachers' blogs and to write comments on them. Not only will this drive traffic to their blogs, it will also allow them to meet people that may become a part of their personal learning network (PLN). Honestly, in my opinion the most important lesson you can teach your students is that the internet is full of wonderful educators that would love to help your students with any education or technology issues.

Mr. C
Wm Chamberlain
5th Grade Teacher
Noel Elementary School
Noel, Missouri"

His class blog is called Mr. C's Class Blog. Not only did Jessica locate it, so did Keith Grace who is in the M6 Class and several other students.

Thanks to Jessica for leaving a comment on Mr. C's blog and to Mr. C for tracing her down and leaving me a comment on the Class Blog. He also left a nice comment on Jessica's blog.

Take a look at his blog. Note the many ways he can be contacted. Be on the lookout for similar contact methods provided by other bloggers. How many can you add to your blog?

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Neil Stephenson said...

Hi John - if you are your students are looking for blogging teachers - please add me - I'm in Calgary, Alberta.