A Letter to My EDM 310 Students

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Podcast Suggestions

I have several suggestions for your podcasts.
1. Practice. The groups that practiced last year had better podcasts.
2. Introduce yourself. Don't just say your name. Add a sentence or two including the fact that you area student in the College of Education at the University of South Alabama. Identify your major and explain why you are interested in the topic for your podcast.
3. Explain everything. Many of your listeners may not be familiar with programs, techniques or technologies that you use daily. Yes, there are many who have never heard of Facebook!
4. Be conversational. Don't take turns reading presentations.
5. If you disagree with a member of your team, say so (politely) and explain why.
6. Don't be afraid to ask questions, even if you do not know the answers. Speculations (especially about the future) are quite appropriate.
7. You may use notes.
8. If your team is interviewing someone, one member must assume the responsibility of introducing the guest. Include, in the introduction, enough about the person so that listeners will have an appreciation of their position and experiences.
9. One member of your team will moderate (begin the session, identify the topic, get the self introductions underway, and wrap up the podcast when it is clear that you have reached an appropriate end to the conversation. Thank your listeners.
10. If you mention a web site, a book, a magazine article, or anything a listener might want to refer to, bring that citation with you on podcast day. If it is a URL, check to make sure it works. All of these "citations" will be included in the blog post that will accompany your podcast.
11. Relax. Have fun. The whole world may be listening!


lilly said...
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Marnie said...

Hello, My name is Marnie and I am a student from Indiana. I am in Miss W's blog challenge and I read your comment. My classmates have blogs and I have a few interesting ones as well. I enjoyed your blog and if you would like to look at some of mine or my teacher's blog here are the links.

http://marnies604.edublogs.org/ (this is my personal blog)
(a blog i did for a project)
(teachers blog)