A Letter to My EDM 310 Students

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Requirement - But It Will Help With Project 6

Read the comment of Mr. Chamberlain in the previous post.
His suggestion is an excellent one. So...
1. Go to each of the four blogs you have written about for last week (2 domestic, 2 international).
2. If you can email the teacher. If not, add a comment to the most recent post.
3. In your email briefly tell the teacher why you visited the site, the URL for the EDM310 Class blog, the URL for your class blog, your email address. Also make any comments about the blog that you wish to make.
4. AND ask if would be possible to enter into a conversation with the teacher, other teachers at the school, or students about technology and how it can and should be used to further good educational practices. This may provide you with an excellent resource person for Project 6.

As Mr. C says in his comment, this "will also allow [your students]to meet people that may become a part of their personal learning network (PLN)....[I]n my opinion the most important lesson you can teach your students is that the internet is full of wonderful educators that would love to help ... with any education or technology issues."

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tasteach said...

One of your students, Matthew Quimby, left a message on my class blog a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I am late in answering you back, but we have just been starting school here in Tasmania, Australia.

I do have Skype here at school that could be used to interview some students and teachers, but as we are only just starting our year, many students have not been very involved with technology in their primary school years.